Jensen Handcrafted

Jensen Handcrafted


I am a hardworking family man. A Husband, Father and Son. My wife, an incredibly talented artist, writer and educator, helps me keep this crazy train on the tracks. We have two bright, witty and talented daughters who keep us honest.

Both my wife and I having been raised primarily in the Pacific Northwest, we chose to raise our daughters here in the beautiful upper left corner of the country as well. I truly believe this area is the most naturally diverse area in the country.

Over the past 25 years I have worked in graphic and industrial design, engineering, cost consulting and construction management spanning industries from action sports and custom lighting to systems engineering and prime trades contracting. I am a solution oriented fella, finally tinkering with my own project.

One could say this project was born out of both desire and urgency. A desire to provide for my family and a bit of urgency to do so. Our youngest was diagnosed with Leukemia at 2-1/2 years old. Thank God, after nearly 3 years of treatment, she is a thriving young lady.

In addition to the physical and emotional scars of such a journey, there remains enormous financial burden that comes with fighting cancer. I launched this project as a solution to help get our family back on our feet and help to others as well.

To date we have provided more than 300 meals thru 2nd Harvest and Yokes Fresh Market, we have contributed to our local chapter of Honor Flight, Inland Northwest Honor Flight as well as the Fire Fighter Stair Climb for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. That is certainly worth celebrating.


I've always been drawn to handmade quality goods and such items have always piqued my interest for as long as I can remember. There is just something special about an item made by hand. For the maker, it is an investment of both time and talent. 

I watched my Uncle and Grandfather, hardworking, humble and incredibly talented men, and learned a great deal from both. These guys worked hard and got stuff done. If they didn't have the tool to get it done, they'd make the tool, then get it done.

My folks did what it took to get my siblings and I safely out of the nest. Mom worked incredible hours in retail and then broke into the medical field where she continues excel today. Dad, an entrepreneur in his own right, owned and operated several gyms, a residential painting company and is a part time personal trainer.

The theme here is that I was fortunate enough to see hardworking people all around me, doing what it took to get things done. These handcrafted bottle openers are a tool created to celebrate both a hard day’s work and our wonderful region.

Thank you for helping us, help others in our community. My hope is that every time you use your opener you'll be reminded that you made an impact, not just on our family but in our community at large.

Our intent is to continue building heirloom quality goods, and use a portion of the proceeds to continue helping others. Tomorrow we have a lot more work to do, and every single purchase helps us do just that. So pop a top and enjoy your evening with family and friends.


“Hours spent by the true craftsman bringing out the grain, which has long been imprisoned in the trunk of the tree, is an act of creation in itself. He passes his hand over the satiny texture and finds God within.”
— George Nakashima

Premium Quality & Style

 There is a timeless quality to the union of wood and steel merged for functionality. Structures, furniture, tools of tradesmen, tools of the kitchen, you can find this union of elements everywhere. When the appropriate materials are blended, incredible statements of style emerge.

 We search for unique character qualities in the various species of wood. And though the grain, figure and chatoyance in each batch of handles is ever changing. By hand selecting and optimizing


every single board we use, our handle stock is made from only the best, premium cuts of wood. We then merge these beautiful cuts of wood with 304 stainless steel tangs and set them with brass pins for an incredibly durable, yet stylish and functional premium handcrafted piece that should last a lifetime.

 Inspired by a love for people, a passion for handcrafted, premium quality, American made goods and the enjoyment of craft beer.