Jensen Handcrafted

Care & Maintenance

I believe your new bottle opener is a hand tool and should be used hard. Like any hand tool, when used over time, the natural wear and tear builds a story into the piece. Every mark left behind is like a captured snapshot of an adventure, building a greater story into you opener. The natural patina of use over time, is a beautiful thing if considered with the right perspective.


A great oil finish is one that is built up over time, and there will be a certain period of “setting” the finish.  Occasional cleaning with a damp cloth will be necessary. Spots can be removed by rubbing with 4/0 steel wool with the grain. On tougher, stubborn spotting use a 280 grit garnet paper can be used in the same manner. Always be sure to work with the grain. You’ll need to re-apply an oil base after steel wool or sanding, such as mineral or butcher block oil. Allow oil to stand for several hours, then wipe firmly. If a heavier build up is desired, use Tung oil after the steel wool or sanding. Allow Tung oil to remain for 30 minutes then wipe dry so that no film remains. Allow Tung oil 24 hours to dry before use.

Stainless Steel

Wash the stainless tang with a soapy sponge and warm water rinse is usually plenty for the bottle opener. Avoid drenching the wooden handle. The cleaned surface should always be wiped dry after use and cleaning.

DO NOT allow your new opener to soak in water.

DO NOT put your bottle opener in the dishwasher.